Pink, Pink, You Stink!

I apologize for the pink text, however, it's very fitting for this post!
Today I took the first step to remodel our upstairs "kids' bathroom".  I removed the drawers! Woo Hoo!  As an expression of my excitement I jumped on Facebook and updated my status. And theeeen one of my friends responded saying she can't wait to see the before and after photos. Doh! I forgot to take before photos! Well, actually, I swear I took them a while ago, but I can't find them saved on my computer or cameras. Soooo instead of hauling all of the drawers back upstairs from all the way in the basement, just pretend they are there.
Our bathroom is kind of unique in that it is three separate rooms in one - the sink area, the toilet room, and the shower room - and there is storage to boot!
I'm currently working on a presentation board to share with you all, but until that is complete, I will leave you hanging with these photos of the pink beige beauty herself!
 Picture drawers above :)
 "the lue"
There is tile EVERYWHERE!
We have wonderful windows in every single room in our house! I love it!

Check back shortly (hopefully within the week!) for a presentation board.

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