Our Kitchen - 3 Years in the Making!

So along with the demolition of our bathroom, we're also remodeling our kitchen.  I couldn't be more THRILLED!

Let's start at the very begining. :)  When we first walked through our house, nearly 3 years ago, I instantly fell in love with the layout and all of its character. After putting in an offer that was shot down, we were slightly disappointed. Because it was the first house we looked at, and it wasn't even technically for sale, we decided it wasn't meant to be, and that we should probably look at other houses.

Naturally, being a designer, I had a long list of criteria for our future home.  I started by looking on the internet, and could only find newer houses that lacked character in subdivisions that lacked trees! If you know me, you understand know my beef with homes in these "subdivisions".  But that's a whole 'nother post, and I won't even go there!

Anyway, after we searched for months, we couldn't find a house that we really liked, and decided maybe we should just stay put until the right one comes along.  Weeeeeell, much to our surprise, the owners of our dream home called back after meeting with a realtor and decided maybe our original offer was worth it! WOOO HOOOO!! So we went to the bank, signed a million papers until our hands felt like they were going to fall off, and the house was ours!

Oh, I forgot to mention, when we first walked through the house, we knew we wanted to eventually redo the kitchen! Hmm, so that leads me into the photos! The most interesting part, right?!

So here she is before:
Standing in the Dining Room. The Kitchen, under the lovely glow of the fluorescent light! Ew...

The old layout didn't exactly make sense to me. When you take hot meals out of the oven, where do you put them?! Well, I guess on that little counter...

Oooh the solid green countertops and solid red floors will not be missed... you were so hard to keep looking clean!
So now the construction is underway! We've had nearly 3 years to think about the layout, materials, colors, hardware, appliances, etc., etc.! And rethink.... and I'm glad we had that time, looking back! Here are some sketches I drew up of our plan, and although they've been altered a bit, you get the idea.

There should also be a pantry drawing, but  for some reason it is missing! Hmmm...  If I find it, I will post it.

I'll leave you with some moooore photos of the demolition. Let's see the mess!!
I forgot to mention, we're tore out the tile throughout the living room as well, and will be replacing it wil hardwood.

Yaaay deconstruction!

And the tile in the entry, powder room, and laundry room went as well!  New tile to come!

More pictures to come! Since I've fallen behind on the remodel, I'll probably be posting more updates tomorrow! :)  Well, maybe not!  Drywall is done and ready to paint, and my mother-in-law is coming to watch the babes while I run into town to prime and paint!  Because the cabinets are also being painted right now, and looks like they will be done a week earlier than expected!  Eeeek!  I have to update you with the progress and story behind the cabinets!  Oh man... this blogging thing is tough! ;)

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